Chiara Lubich: LIGHT LIFE and CULTURE

March 14 | 15, 2013

Conference Aim

The fifth anniversary of the death of Chiara Lubich brings together academics from many universities in Italy and the rest of the world for a conference entitled: Chiara Lubich: light, life and culture. Its purpose is to explore fresh insights and new understandings arising from the surprising twentieth-century story of Chiara Lubich.

Chiara Lubich’s thought contains a wide-ranging cultural project. The conference aims to consider the avenues of research opened up by her thought in its seeking to build peace throughout the world, its creating bridges between the various forms of knowledge, its practice of bringing people together and forming community among persons of differing cultures and religions, its making dialogue effective at every level, and especially ecumenically and in the interfaith field. Such an exploration would hope to be a stimulating contribution to developing a form of society worthy of human beings, with a commitment to making Europe a place where all are at home and bringing about unity among peoples through new and innovative projects, such as the Economy of Communion.

These are some of the themes that will be touched upon during the conference by senior figures representing those universities that recognized Chiara Lubich as someone pointing to human history as a journey towards universal brotherhood.


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