Chiara Lubich: LIGHT LIFE and CULTURE


› Thursday - March, 14 2013 - Rome
University “Sapienza” - Aula Magna del Rettorato

› Friday - March, 15 2013 - Castelgandolfo
International Mariapoli Center

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March 14, 2013

Sapienza University, Aula Magna del Rettorato - Rome

8.30 Arrival and registration

9.00 Opening of the Conference
Michele Zanzucchi
Editor in Chief, Città Nuova magazine

Prof. Luigi Frati
Rector of the Sapienza University of Rome
Hon. Gianni Alemanno
Mayor of Rome
Dr Maria Voce
President of the Focolare Movement

9.30 Chiara Lubich: Light, Life and Culture (video)

› Session I: The Impact of a Charism on History

9.50 Introduction: contents and methods of the Conference
Alba Sgariglia
Coordinator, Abba School Research Centre

10.20 A charism in history as a view from the centre
Piero Coda
President, Sophia University Institute, Loppiano (Florence)

10.50 Break

11.20 Within and beyond complexity
Vera Araújo
Coordinator, Centre for Dialogue with Contemporary Culture

11.50 A Touch of Beauty
Quartetto Risonanze
Gianluca Falasca, Fabrizio Falasca,
Paolo Di Lorenzo, Mauro Fagiani

12.10 Responses
Ángel Lombardi 
The University of Maracaibo
Ingeborg Gabriel
The University of Vienna

› Session II: Towards a New Humanism

15.30 “The book of nature” between science and wisdom
Sergio Rondinara
Sophia University Institute, Loppiano (Florence)

16.00 What kind of economy in an era of “commons”?
Luigino Bruni
LUMSA University, Rome

16.30 Responses
Ugo Amaldi 
The University of Milan Bicocca
Russell Pearce 
Fordham University, New York

16.50 Break

17.20 A Touch of Beauty
Quartetto Risonanze

17.35 To the “sources” of law between norm and life
Adriana Cosseddu
The University of Sassari, Sardinia

18.05 The Love of loves: politics through the eyes of Chiara Lubich’s charism
Antonio Maria Baggio
Sophia University Institute, Loppiano (Florence)

18.35 Responses
Lucetta Scaraffia
The Sapienza University of Rome
Carlos A. Alcântara Machado 
The University of Sergipe (Brasil)

18.55 Conclusion

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March 15, 2013

Castel Gandolfo (Rome) - Mariapoli Center

9.00 Opening
Pasquale Ferrara
Abba School - Political studies
Stefan Tobler
Abba School - Evangelical Theology

“Look at all the flowers” - Chiara Lubich

› Session I

9.30 “Look at all the flowers”: between text and context
M. Caterina Atzori
Abba School - Linguistics, Philology, Classics

An insight at the root of the “collective spirituality”
Fabio Ciardi
Abba School - Spiritual theology

“Transferring self to other”: radicalizing human being
Jesús Morán
Abba School - Philosophical Anthropology

10.45 Break

› Session II (A)

11.15 Towards a new kind of cognition
Callan Slipper
Abba School - Anglican eology

From methodology to mathematics:
an interdisciplinary contribution
Judith Povilus
Abba School - Mathematics

› Session II (B)

A glance that becomes “sight”: philosophical prospects
Anna Pelli
Abba School - Philosophy

“When the tree is fully blossoming…”:
Reections on the Church
Hubertus Blaumeiser / Brendan Leahy
Abba School - Ecclesiology

12.15 Discussion

› Session III (A)

15.30 Criteria for a normative theory of ideal discourse
Pal Tóth
Abba School - Communication sciences

Returning to the roots: a historical reading
Lucia Abignente
Abba School - History

Sources of multiform beauty
Térèse Henderson
Abba School - the Arts

› Session III (B)

From a monopersonal perspective
to an interpersonal perspective
Simonetta Magari
Abba School - Psychology

“Seeing beyond” as an Educator
Teresa Boi
Abba School - Education studies

16.30 Discussion

17.15 Break

17.45 A Touch of Beauty: “Look at all the owers”

18.15 Conclusion of the conference

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